Scientific Perspective

1 point perspective:

In one point perspective, there is one vanishing point.  In our example, the rectangles’s right side seems to go back to the horizon line.

2 point perspective:

In two point perspective, there are two vanishing points.  In ours, both sides of the rectangle go back into the horizon line.

3 point perspective:

In three point perspective, there are 3 vanishing points.  Often, it’s as if you’re looking down on it (birds eye view) or up on it (ants eye view).  In ours, both sides go to the horizon line and the top goes into the “sky”

Example of atmospheric perspective:

Atmospheric perspective is where, in a painting/photograph/drawing, the subject fades away as it goes back into the distance.  In our example, the mountains get lighter and fainter as it gets farther away.  It gives a sense of space.


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