Non Western Cultures Contemporary Influence

Practices from the India like yoga have become widely popular and commercialized in our culture today.  Who hasn’t had a friend come up to them, with great excitement, and almost demand they come to a yoga class with them?  Most girls are usually very intrigued and check it out, but guys seem to view it as more of a female activity and usually decline.  However, once you finally give in and go to a class it’s like a drug and you’re addicted.  You leave after that first class and feel the most relaxed you’ve felt in a long time, probably ever.  This ancient practice of yoga is thousands of years old, and has vastly grown in recent years to be a large part of our culture.  Today yoga isn’t just for the hippies, it has become a part of many peoples everyday lives.  The practice of yoga teaches you to connect with yourself, and to relax and release all the frustrations and difficulties going on in your life.  Like many other simple practices that our culture adopts, yoga to has become brutally commercialized.  This is the exact opposite of what the practice is attempting to achieve.  Yoga is about finding yourself through meditation and self-discipline, not by wearing the newest pants from lululemon or being able to bend your body in shocking ways.  Sadly, our culture has taken something that was simple and truly had a purpose, and we have picked at it to find what everyones main concern is, the almighty dollar.

~dayton t. watts


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