Art and Politics


Art and politics seem to go hand in hand, the reason I think this to be true is for many different reasons.  Art, for example, is an outlet for an individual or group of people to convey their emotions, what they stand for, and their deepest secrets.  This is done in many different forums, usually represented through a paintings, sculptures, drawings, or a sketches.   However, life can also represent art in many ways which is why politics has played a huge role in some of the most memorable artistic situations.  This iconic snapshot, taken at the unforgettable march at the Pentagon on October 21st in 1967, shows how art can be found in the heart of politics.  Politics in itself is it’s own art form, because of its ability to convey ideals of a group to the public it is attempting to please.  The photo below represents the politics that each group is attempting to achieve, one side through violence and the other through nonviolence.  A snapshot from a moment in life can live on forever as a piece of art that reminds the world of the past trials and tribulations that we as a country have gone through.





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  1. Posted by jlcochran on December 13, 2010 at 5:43 am

    I did my art and pop culture along the same lines. I used the 1969 woodstock movement as my idea. But ours are definitely the same. I believe art is a way to convey emotions without using force. an avenue for others to see whats in our hearts and to see the world through the eyes of the beholder.


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