Politics and Art

november post:

When politics and art get involved together, things can get kind of weird; after all, putting something as sleazy and cloak-and-dagger as politics next to something as free and expressive as art, chances are you’re going to get a whole bunch of icky-looking colors all over your canvas. Take political cartoons, for example: sure, whoever draws/writes them spends time on them, but the amount of actual readers is very, very small, and the amount of respect either community — art and politics — have for political cartoons is minimal at best. Using something open-ended to depict something stringent is pretty difficult, and most political cartoonists don’t do it well. Your typical political cartoon is a one-panel illustration of some obscure references, with a “witty” caption underneath. The genre has been so pigeonholed that it has a set format, and neither the arts nor politics really cares about this mash-up between the two houses. Add the fact that politicians, these white-bread button-down morons who throw around words like pundit and filibuster in an attempt to sound like they know what the ++++ they’re talking about, attempt to have a say in what is and is not art… well, my personal opinion is this: keep the two separated. Unlike peanut butter and chocolate, these are two things that do not belong together.


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