art + pop-culture

when someone starts talking about art and pop-culture, i feel like the two are almost inseparable. thanks to Andy Warhol’s efforts in the 60’s and 70’s, art has become such a part of pop-culture that the two are pretty much conjoined into the same two-headed beast. everywhere you go, you’re seeing art: commercials, billboards, television, magazines, photographs, book covers, movies and movie posters, video game cases, advertisements, fliers, clothing, newspapers, websites, and music all utilize art, if they aren’t classified as art in themselves. our senses are literally flooded with art every single day via the pop-culture-filled lives that we lead. i’m not saying this is a bad thing — seems like it’s the cool thing now to jump on the bandwagon and jab at pop-culture, when really it’s the thing that’s driving our society — but it is a little staggering when you think about how much art we actually see in one day.


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